Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wevi Cam Wave HD-SDI Uncompressed Video & Audio Wireless System from IDX

Wevi Cam Wave HD-SDI Uncompressed Video & Audio Wireless System from IDX Video Clips. Duration : 1.50 Mins.

Introducing the product that will transform remote video shooting... the Cam~Wave HD. The Cam~Wave HD is a lightweight on camera wireless system capable of transmitting uncompressed HD-SDI or SD-SDI up to 150 feet with virtually no latency. The Cam~Wave HD is perfect for news truck monitors, the producer's monitor or any camera receiving station. Transmissions are sent via encrypted MIMO/OFDM. Features: Uncompressed wireless system for both HD-SDI and SD-SDI video Multiple formats of video with two channels of SDI embedded audio Latency less than 1ms Transmission range up to 100 feet (30m) through walls and up to 150 feet (50m) in line-of-sight conditions. Use in actual production may vary Conservative 11W power consumption Ships with an IDX V-mount, allowing a direct attachment to an IDX battery for rear mounting on a camera or can be attached for DC operation Sleek and lightweight: weighting just 1.5 pounds, and no visible antenna Wireless transmission via MIMO/OFDM, operating between the 5.1 - 5.8GHz frequencies. No special license is required Selection of four manual or auto-select frequencies with 256-bit encryption Confomance to major international engineering standards including FCC, CE and RoHS specifications Transmitter & Receiver Specifications: Frequency: 5.18GHz - 5.86GHz Tuning Range / Frequency selection: 4 Selectable Channels or Auto select Transmit Power: 89mW maximum Transmit Antenna: Internal 2dBi gain Transmit Method: MIMO Modulation: OFDM Latency: Less ...

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