Thursday, February 9, 2012

JK112 Video Camera

JK112 Video Camera Video Clips. Duration : 3.60 Mins.

JK112 Video CameraIn a today's megalopolis parking and, in particular, reverse parking is no easy thing especially if you drive in saloon car or a huge jeep or minibuses such as Mercedes, Gazel and may other. Parking will be much easier with a reverse camera, for example, such as JK112 video camera. This camera has IP67 protection - you can install it both inside a car if a car is equipped with a rear-view window or outside the car. The camera has an infrared lighting which automatically switches on in a poor lighting environment, thus, ensuring a perfect view at any time of the day. The camera is also equipped with a sunscreen protecting it for direct sun beams if you park, for example, in the evening or in the morning. This video camera is powered with 12 volts directly from the car's battery connected to the on-board network. It also offers a video output which can be connected to the car's TV-set , if any, or the GPS. You can easily install the camera using available fasteners in any position either downward or upward.This video camera perfectly fits even large construction equipment such as powerful tractors. It ensures g good rear-view and prevents from damaging buildings under construction. As I have already mentioned, the camera has IP67 anti-damage protection. Now let's assemble the camera at the back of the tractor and the driver will find no difficulty in driving this huge vehicle even in reverse gear. So, we have installed and fixed the camera on the vehicle ...

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