Saturday, March 10, 2012

Boss BV9555

Boss BV9555 Video Clips. Duration : 1.02 Mins.

DISCOUNT LINK Customer Reviews: "this indash receiver is great for the price. you get a dvd,am/fm radio, cd-rw mp3,sd card, and usb multi-decoding plus it plays videos via usb or sd storage. this model has only three functioning modes wich are radio,cd,sd/ does not include gps, tv, bluetooth,or cd changer option. but that does not matter it has alot of options for each of the sources, it features separate bass and treble and balance and loud boost.the touch screen feature is also very responsive just know that you will not be making any adjustments while driving, the main menu lets you adjust the screen brightnes and contrast, when playing a dvd movie it has another brightnes and contrast level, it is just very well put except for the gui its a bit crappy. the output level is okay it does not produce distorted sound, it is very well balanced, i recomend this receiver because it has a low price and has enough features to claim its own braging rights." "The best quality / price I can ask for anything better for the price I paid. The team sounds good and the screen looks very good although it is not removable but if you not have more resources will highly recommend this dvd cart." "the remote u need to spend alot of time with but the cd player and all is a great deal with the right subwoofers it sound like your in the movies" Car Video Boss BV9555 The double-DIN BV9555 from Boss Audio Systems is an affordable way to add DVD entertainment to your vehicle ...

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