Friday, December 30, 2011

Wireless Rear View camera test.

Wireless Rear View camera test. Tube. Duration : 0.67 Mins.

Camera equipment from - 4Kam VU Wireless Rear View camera test. Demonstration Video The RoadEye™ rear view/ reversing camera system is popular with those towing trailers and caravans as well those who drive large vehicles such as vans and trucks. The camera system is ideal for use with a: Trailer, caravan, horse box, trailor, motor home, horse transporter, motor caravan, lorry, van, truck, wagon, race truck, car trailor, taxi, mpv, rv or bulk buy for multiples Trailers, caravans, horse boxes, trailors, motor homes, horse transporters, motor caravans, lorries, vans, trucks, wagons, race trucks, car trailors, taxis, mpv's, rv's

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